I am a native of a small town in Indiana named Lawrenceburg, which is 25 miles from Cincinnati, Ohio. My interests in life are University of Michigan football, racing of any kind and baseball, but ever since I was a child my true passion has always been the study of the paranormal. Some grow up wanting to be a doctor, teacher or a construction worker. My desire has always been to study the paranormal and try to understand and speculate why ghosts do not pass over.

I founded SIGHS (Southeastern Indiana Ghost Hunting Specialists) in the early summer of 2008. I decided to seek out individuals who had the same drive and passion as I do. Our main goal is to try and help people. Being able to reaffirm peoples' claims of unexplainable events is a great adrenaline rush to me. When you are able to experience the paranormal first hand, it gets your blood pumping and puts all of your senses on high alert. It's an awesome feeling!!