There are several different types, or "categories", of hauntings. They are described below.

Residual Haunting

This is the most common type of haunting. In a residual haunting, there is no actual spirit present, only their energy. It is likened to a video that is playing the same scene over and over. It always seems to happen in the same place every time and is thought to be something that the person did often when they were alive or a significant event in their life that they remember. There is really nothing that can be done about this type of haunting, as it is not an intelligent entity. While frightening, it is completely harmless.

Intelligent Haunting

In this type of haunting, the entity or entities are aware of their surroundings. They can move about freely and can acknowledge the presence of human beings and will sometimes try to interact with them. They are usually limited in what they can do and move, and usually only want someone to notice them. Most do not want to cause harm to anyone. However, there can be some entities that are especially benevolent or mischievous... it depends greatly on why they are haunting that particular area. Because they are not inhuman, most religious ceremonies will have no effect on them in getting them to leave the area that they are haunting.


The word "Poltergeist" is German and it means "noisy spirit". The activity generally starts out with small things such as knocking and banging noises, or moving around furniture. Then the activity will intensify, as the entity manifests itself through voices or sometimes even full apparitions. It may cause your bed to shake or furniture to violently move across the room. These hauntings frequently occur when there is a teenage female in the home. They have been thought to be caused by the teenager's energy unconsciously causing this activity. When it is not the case of a teenager manifesting the energy, it typically means that there are several spirits in the area. They combine their energy to be able to accomplish things that a single entity could not.

Demonic Haunting

Inhuman hauntings refer to powerful entities of unknown origins. These entities' main and only goal is to harm and possess humans. They are very dangerous and have caused harm and even death to humans. They are far more powerful than ghosts.

Demonic entities have been part of the human experience since the beginning of recorded history. Different cultures have reported eerily similar occurrences of violent, disembodied entities preying on humans.

As religions evolved, they would incorporate these stories into their writings. Most religions have references to evil demonic beings, with a back-story to explain their existences. In reality, no one really knows what they are, and where they come from.

Demons are extremely dangerous. They are evil by definition, and their only purpose in preying on humans is their own amusement and empowerment. Since demons are incorporeal beings that have never lived in a body form, they hate and envy humans. They want to control a human body to experience the pleasures of the flesh.

Demonic entities are generally attached to a specific person. They are very persistent and can stalk a human for decades. Time exists differently in their realm - for them, ten years can pass in a blink of an eye.

Demonic Hauntings are generally accompanied by manifestation of black shadowy figures, and sometimes they take forms of departed relatives to trick their victim. Their manifestation are sometimes accompanied by foul smells, described as rotting meat, and inexplicable noises such as rapping and scratching on walls, and in more extreme cases, whispers or breaths. The whispers and voices during a Demonic Haunting are sometimes in a foreign non-human language, and have a distinct ominous tone, often in a deep growling voice.

Demons use various tricks to break the spirit of their victims: scaring them at night to instill the victim with fear, keeping them up with noises, pretending to be a deceased relative, and in more extreme cases, physically harming the victim by scratching or biting, or even punching and pushing.

Demons may manifest themselves to only one person in the household to create discord. That person will either think they're losing their sanity, or if they share their experiences with others, they risk facing ridicule and isolation.