Each year, thousands of homeowners experience paranormal activity in their homes. Many times, this activity can distrupt the lives of those living in the home, causing fear and confusion. If you have experienced something paranormal and would like to request a SIGHS investigation at your home or business, we encourage you to contact us and schedule an appointment today! Our services are always free. To schedule an appointment, please send us a message through Facebook or Gmail with a brief description of your encounter, contact information and a good time to reach you. A lead investigator will contact you to assist you further. We'll arrange a time to come in, and record video, audio, and take picutres. All personal experiences will be noted and verified as best we can during the review of digital audio and video tape.

The homeowner and anyone that has had an experience at the location will be interviewed with detailed notes taken.

We are NOT cleansers, psychics, mediums, or exorcists. We DO NOT use Ouija boards, hold seances, or utilize any other "conjuring" techniques. We investigate paranormal activity using scientific methods and equipment only. We make every attempt to investigate and research all areas of a location to maximize the possibility of capturing and successfully interpreting any evidence of paranormal phenomena.

Once all the recordings have been reviewed, the findings and any evidence will be made available privately. Audio, video, and images will only be posted to the website if the homeowner gives permission.

S.I.G.H.S. conducts their business very seriously and will not be creating any falsified evidence or publishing anything that can be explained away.